Who was daniel gibson dating before keyshia cole

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Could Daniel Gibson and Keyshia Cole make a good couple?

Does the minor age difference (Boobie is 23; Keyshia is 28) mean anything?

At age 12, Cole was introduced into the music industry, along with her brother Sean (also known as Nutt-So), where she met and recorded with MC Hammer.reports sources add Cole was moved to finally join the cast of the VH1 show after watching the success had by friend Remy Ma on the New York division of the show’s franchise.“Remy and Keyshia are really close and she trusts Remy’s advice,” said a source. aired shows how he suspected Cole with being the one who allegedly egged his friend’s car and mistaking it for his. “I think I [told] my people downstairs to let someone in. It’s caked, there’s flour, the mirror is broke.'” Bow explained he instantly thought of Cole because the two were then feuding.yesterday, some bloggers remained skeptical that Gibson’s post wasn’t yet another ploy to boost TV ratings.It doesn’t help that these sorts of allegations and innuendoes tend to fly whenever a reality TV show is on the air. A minor child is involved, and TV ratings should take a back seat to a child’s mental health and well-being.

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