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The XQuery Update Facility 1.0 Recommendation is supported by Oracle XML DB starting with Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (

Prior to this release, to update XML data your queries necessarily used Oracle-specific SQL functions: .

For more information about inserting and removing nodes from an XML document, see the Insert XML Data using XPath Navigator and Remove XML Data using XPath Navigator topics.

The Set Value method simply inserts the untyped value passed as a parameter as the value of the node the XPath Navigator object is currently positioned on.

This section provides information about which XQuery Update constructs you can use to replace the use of the Oracle-specific XML updating functions in queries.

Table C-1 provides a mapping from typical queries that use Oracle-specific updating SQL functions to queries that use XQuery Update.

Doesn't work :( xml Doc does have not property Root.

XElement' does not contain a definition for ' Root' and no extension method ' Root' accepting a first argument of type ' System.

In order to use these methods, the XPath Navigator object must be editable, that is, its Can Edit property must be .Note that there is no Oracle-specific equivalent for the XQuery Update constructs Prior to their deprecation, you used the following Oracle SQL functions to update XML data incrementally — that is, to replace, insert, or delete XML data without replacing the entire surrounding XML document. to insert or delete XML data by replacing a parent node in its entirety.That works, but it is less efficient than using one of the other functions, which perform more localized updates. XElement' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference? Add(nowe Przypo); Sorry, the ' Root' property is available on the XDocument object so instead of doing XElement. Load("reminds.xml") so that the ' Root' property is accessible....

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