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Now when you edit a photo in Photoshop for example, and save it, Picasa should re-import almost immediately (if Picasa is running).If you did not have Picasa running, then the next time you start Picasa it will scan the folder and re-import the image.But I also run Picasa on my little Asus netbook which runs an Intel Atom processor on just 1 Gb of memory.

Everything displays ok, except when I want to show the thumbnail image larger.i cant help with php details , but the xsl field you want from the feed is media:group/media:content[@url].im guessing , but it looks as tho you have that correct..After wandering this forum I found following code snipper to delete current thumbnail but I can't able to call this function because I don't able to get photo Id. private static void remove Thumbnails(Content Resolver content Resolver, long photo Id) { Cursor thumbnails = content Resolver.query(Thumbnails.

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