The dating scene in amsterdam

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Once you’re established in town, the world is your oyster. Go to any coffeeshop (not cafe) and ask the in-house dealer what he recommends. The Dutch are great partiers and will definitely knock back some drinks. They tend to focus in the Red Light District which pretty much goes 7 days a week.The problem with a lot of the tourist types is they often are kids from Spain, Italy, etc, that are real lightweights and get super stoned in the coffeeshops and then stare off into space like zombies.Recently, the Shallow Man, in his never ending quest to provide topical information to his audience, has endured the mind numbing torture of watching the latest reality TV shows from RTL.From Russia with Love, Adam zoekt Eva and Ik heb het nog nooit gedaan.

There are many cheap hostel options though, especially near the Red Light District. It’s right next to the RLD as well as a whole bunch of coffee shops and bars.What is the Dutch men dating culture or how should you approach Dutch women?Here are 10 things you should you know about Dutch women and Dutch men before entering the Dutch dating game.If you don't have a wing who is willing to catch the grenade(s), to be Rando Commando, to even fight with guys so you can escape with the girls, then don't get one. They go out as antilopes with multiple friends, guy friends are judgemental and will AMOG you, girls cockblock the shit out of you, logistics are fucked, the bouncer will beat you up if one of their friends complains etc.The most succes you will have here with expats and tourists. Whatever you do, NEVER, EVER, ask for a girls number unless she wants you to have it. Social circle game is strong here, people generally don't like to meet strangers like in the US.

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