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All they saw was this pain-in-the-ass girl who lied a lot, was very inconsistent, and could barely put two sentences together. Because he's been directly affected by alcoholism and addiction, he could see a little deeper than that." "When Trump sent me to treatment, what that showed was that this problem can be fixed.There is help out there, and this person has the ability to change. Whatever you need me to do.' I had hit my bottom, and I was willing to do what was necessary to get well again." to try to encourage President Trump to think about it.

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Despite explicitly writing in her post that she is "committed to supporting him in any way" she can, the once scandalized pageant winner is doing a bit of backtracking in a new piece, entitled "My Gratitude Does Not Mean I'm A Supporter"!Related: The White House Staff Are Showing Trump Their Support In case you didn't know, Tara was caught drinking underage and using cocaine at a nightclub back in 2006.Drumpf gave her a second chance when he allowed her to keep her title if she agreed to enter rehab, which she accepted.But let's delve a bit deeper: They each star in reality shows, Pageant Place and Inn Love, respectively.They're first names sound similar and neither has a discernible talent. But it's not for drugs or girl-on-girl action or anything more sordid than simply being involved with a reality TV show.

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