Signing and dating art prints

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Petapixel did a fun satirical article on this recently. From web images to print – First lets remember that classy branding on an image generally adds value. This night HDR of the Seattle skyline shows an example of how I mark images for gallery and print exhibitions while keeping them classy. But I probably have slaved more than most on this and I’ve come to a place where I have an understanding of my brand and of art presentation. I sell all my portraits and my fine art using the approaches I’m about to discuss. If the marking/branding you use distracts from the image you’re trying to show you’ve already failed.

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As a rule large watermarks across image should not be used. In particular some would argue that complete proof galleries for wedding etc need watermarks. Though that said, I usually don’t do it for reasons I just mentioned. My preference is always to have people come to my gallery, viewing my large format hand signed wall portraits in person. If you want to see this in practice, you can see my sites via my homepage.

So, first, perhaps a short discussion is in order on the subject of what art is and that is an even more difficult question.

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A good piece of art doesn't need razor blades; it only needs a response from you, the viewer.

Nor does it have to be original art or have investment value to be enjoyable. A print is obviously not an oil painting, a sculpture, a piece of pottery or jewelry, or a drawing ...

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