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The municipalities with the highest rates of criminal complaints per 10,000 inhabitants were Bluefields, Granada, Ciudad Sandino, Puerto Cabezas, Diriamba, and Granada. The most frequent locations where crimes were reported were roadways, hotels, restaurants, and tourist areas. citizens also reported incidents of non-confrontational thefts and burglaries.

The majority of violent crimes were reported to occur at night. In 2015, the most frequently reported non-violent crime from U. citizens was theft from or parts of a motor vehicle.

Northern Pacific Coast At the collision point between two tectonic plates, this region has some of the highest volcanic activity on Earth and is also home to two national icons : rhum Flor de Caña and poet Rubén Darío.

Rio San Juan Region An almost forgotten part of the country with its hidden treasures like the car free Solentiname Islands or El Castillo, and gateway to the pristine rainforest of the Indio Maiz reserve.

The reported overall rate of robbery was 192 people per 100,000 inhabitants (a 23 percent decrease from the 2013 statistics). government personnel from entering the Oriental Market due to high levels of crime and illicit activities. Roads commonly have potholes, have unpainted speed bumps, are poorly illuminated, narrow, without shoulders, and often missing manhole covers. Drivers will frequently encounter vehicles without lights, animals, bicycles, and pedestrians, all of which are difficult to see at night, even on main thoroughfares in Managua.

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Travel Health and Safety; Transportation Security; Stolen items; Theft; Rape/Sexual Violence; Burglary; Murder; Anti-American sentiment; Elections; Riots/Civil Unrest; Earthquakes; Floods; Volcanoes; Counterfeiting; Disease Outbreak; Employee Health Safety Overall Crime and Safety Situation Post Crime Rating: Critical Crime Threats Nicaragua has low overall reported crime rates, but U. citizens still experience a significant number of violent and non-violent crimes. citizens also reported sexual assaults and other violent crimes.

In 2015, the most frequent violent crime reported by U. citizens was robbery (accounting for 87 percent of all violent crime reports). For 40 percent of robberies, victims reported that the perpetrator possessed a weapon, but acts of physical violence either with or without a weapon were reported 59 percent of the time (over double the rate of 2014). citizens were from the municipalities of Managua, Granada, Rivas, and Leon.

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