Ryo nishikido dating lena fujii

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He also started playing major supporting roles on prime-time television dramas such as 1 Litre of Tears, Attention Please and Last Friends.

He won several acting awards for his portrayal of an abusive boyfriend in Last Friends.

According to Tokyo Sports, Nishikido Ryo is being accused of sexual harassment.

His "prey," a 23 year old office lady (OL) known only as, you guessed it, A-san. They also metioned she is a graduate of a private university in the metro area. OL is said to be very beautiful, has a sexy, slender body, and resembles Seto Asaka.

Jang Hyuk is setting out to Japan to promote and will be holding press conferences and fan meetings during his 5-day stay. (Hyo Rin‘s single with Jang Geun Suk is one.) Gu Hye Sun has already chosen her next project as a writer-director.

New female idol group SISTAR debuted their new single “Push Push” today. She’ll be doing a vampire-themed film, but it’s not just any horror film. Heh – and it comes just in time that “Eclipse” stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were in Seoul today for a press conference promoting the third film in the “Twilight Saga.” UEE recently posed in High Cut magazine for 7 for All Mankind jeans.

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OL went up to the VIP room and guess who was there. No sooner had she stepped into the place did Ryo say to her, "let me rest my head on your lap" and starts with the cute wittle boy act. When I did, he stuck his tongue in my mouth; he kept on saying, 'kiss me! He groped my breasts and felt under my skirt saying things like 'let's fuck.'"Here's an idea, leave. I said sure thinking 'he probably means playfully...,' but then he bit my arm really hard! "As soon as I said yes, he bit the upper part of my right arm. ' I shouted but he wouldn't stop and kept biting me for 4 or 5 seconds. Ryo continues to use her as his human pillow for like an hour still begging for kisses and whispering sweet nothings like "feel my dick" and other such sexual harassment type phrases. Apparently pictures of her bruises from 7 months ago were published alongside the article.

His image color in Kanjani Eight is yellow, while his image color in News was blue.

Apart from group concerts and activities, Nishikido held his first solo concert in 2006.

I wish he can take on darker roles, I have no doubt in his versatility, but he seems to be less active after 'the smartphone incident'.

Either that or he is content with his role in kanjani8 and group varieties (where he hardly speaks). Apparently Ryo doesn't like Ueda or Kame but mostly Ueda from KAT-TUN because when Kame was telling Ryo not to question his ambitions because Ueda was very sensitive, Ryo started to question him more and than about a year later said "I hate Ueda more than anyone in Johnny." Ryo is very cute though : D he may be the next person I'm falling in love with. IO TI ADORO , PERO' PERCHE' HAI LASCIATO I NEWS !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? tu eri e sarai sempre uno dei ragazzi più sexy che io abbia mai visto =) =Q__________________________ Ryo-nii.

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