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You can learn by securing catalogs from major auction houses and visiting museums.

At Freshwater Fish, we pride ourselves on providing the world’s best wild-caught freshwater fish products from fish sustainably harvested from the pristine lakes of Canada.

Fish are purchased and graded by contracted agents and corporate agencies at more than 50 delivery points throughout the region.

Our fish come from more than 1,700 fishers who harvest from hundreds of lakes within the region – each catch measuring up to our five points of difference: our wide reach, quality, resources, taste and a commitment to diversity set us apart.

In traditional speed dating, a bunch of strangers looking for love meet in a location prearranged by some service (presumably run by the dark lord himself, if you’ve ever been to romantically oriented speed dating).

But unlike the State of the Union there were no dry speeches, only cold beer, fingers flying over smartphones, and speed dating.

Silver tableware had been particularly prized in the Roman empire since the 1st century BC and the trend spread to Gaul in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD.The Graincourt Treasure was found in Graincourt-lès-Havricourt in 1958 during an operation to defuse a wartime bomb.The treasure consisted of nine pieces of silver tableware, including this plate, and was probably buried for safekeeping some time during the Germanic invasions that ravaged Gaul during the second half of the 3rd century AD.Our customers are our top priority, so as part of our greater mission to add value to your lives, we’re proud to reveal a brand new service called PLATE DATES.We know how difficult it can be to find a solid sous chef, which is why we’re using our robust taste profile data and your past order history to help find a life partner near you to share the kitchen with. We’ll scour your area for Plated customers who share your culinary preferences.

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