Pioneer inno problem updating

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These files are stored internally in their native AACplus audio format and cannot be exported from the unit digitally.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that they included in-ear earbuds with three different sizes of silicone tips.

Unlike the old Delphi, no need for an external wire clipped to clothing for reception; the reception is GREAT and smooth. The display screen is a great improvement; it isn't just color because it's cool; it's designed to make navigation easier. It comes with an additional more compact charger for travel. Why someone might complain: Earphones: I've read reviews complaining about the earbuds. I've got so many other ones scattered about, it isn't really an issue. FM Modulator: Not internal to the unit, but must be purchased with the car or other kit.

Battery: I haven't gone out all day yet, but after three hours yesterday, the battery was still over half charged. BTW, the unit comes with a slight charge, so you can "play" with it right away; no maddening "please wait 8 hours before first use."Recording: Easy to quickly record a station, a single song, and even schedule a recording in the future. But then again, there are so many of those on the market, I appreciate that they didn't eat up size/functions with the modulator that is easily added on elsewhere. I don't really need a modulator when I'm out walking around... Reception is good and consistent, screen easy to navigate, solid battery charge, and the accessories in the box are great - no need to buy aftermarket anything.

The Pioneer Inno is a second-generation XM2go radio receiver model for use with the XM satellite radio service.

The Inno improves upon the first generation units by having an improved built-in antenna for live portable reception, improved recording capabilities allowing unlimited sessions, and increased recording capacity.

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