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The controversial mom made headlines when she gave birth to octuplets in January 2009, bringing her total number of children to 14.

PHOTOS: Meet the adorable octuplets (Earlier this month, the California State Medical Board decided Dr.

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It’s been seven years since Nadya Suleman — who now goes by “Natalie” — made headlines as “Octomom.” And since then, her eight children — two girls and six boys — aren’t the only ones who’ve grown up!

Suleman collected over ,000 in public assistance funds for her 14 kids. The woman whose real name is Nadya Suleman already has plead not guilty to several felony counts of welfare fraud, and it looks like she'll have to do some more pleading!

Nadya Suleman is ready to fight back against this lawsuit the best way she knows how… In a new interview, Octo-Mom denies signing any contract to be in a reality series (contradicting her previous statements) and admits that there will probably be more lawsuits filed against her, but she says: "Am I going to acknowledge any of them? [ Nadya Suleman, the Octomom, just plead no contest on Monday to a single count of misdemeanor welfare fraud.

Frankie said he works as an EMT and does some "exotic dancing" on the side.

Marla ended up picking Frankie, but it clearly wasn't for his brains -- check out the video to watch him butcher the phrase "more cushion for the pushin'."Spoiler alert -- the relationship didn't pan out.

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