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We prefer the 6 mm OD tubes because they tend to crack more cleanly; the 9 mm tubes can hold larger volumes and may be easier to flame-seal, but tend to shatter in the cracker.

We need to know the amount of gas submitted, preferably in µmol, before we can accept CO samples.

» NOSAMS General Statement of C from contamination introduced during chemical preparation, collection or handling.

Organic materials, which require the most processing, are limited to younger ages by their corresponding process blank.

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Contamination check samples are prepared in a specially isolated area so as not to (potentially) contaminate samples from other investigators.Hot samples usually result from inadvertent contamination, like using a container that was previously in contact with radiocarbon tracers.Ways to insure clean, uncontaminated samples are discussed in the following document: [Collection and Handling of Samples for Analysis by AMS].Knowing this beforehand will streamline and reduce handling; alternatively leaving this unspecified will delay processing while we seek your decision.A sample with an unnaturally high level of C is sometimes called a "hot sample".

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