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If the present committee of the club will not run a team, there is no reason why there should not be a team in the town.

Yet in two articles in the local newspapers, mention is made of the formation dates of both clubs - the 'Druids' being formed some four years ago in a speech after a game in 1877 and in an after dinner speech in 1879 after 'The White Stars' Welsh Cup victory, Mr Evan Morris, President of Wrexham Football Club, in the above address in Newtown, following Wrexham's defeat to Newtown White Stars in the 1878/79 Welsh Cup Final, states that Wrexham had existed for 15 years - ie since 1864.

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But enough of the past; it is to the future we look, and there is a glimmer of hope that as well as the club there will yet be a team in Newtown this season.

There is however considerable evidence that the Druids, who played at Plas Madoc Park, Ruabon, were formed earlier.

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