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Diane and Joshua reunited and seemingly tried to work it out for another six months before eventually splitting. Meanwhile, Diane still seems to have a thing for Norman Reedus.

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So any interaction that a guy knows will bring him out of that sweet range of emotions is an interaction he’s going to do everything he can to avoid.Here we have a Hardy Compact Line Drier , It is Marked with Hardy Bros Ltd , Makers , Alnwick , England , The Line Drier can be Folded Down when not in Use , The Line Drier is in Good Used Condition . Here we have a Large Metal Line Drier , This is a Table Clamp Model , Metal Frame & Clamp , The Top of the Clamp is Shaped to Hold the Reel Foot , Metal Winding Arm with Wooden Handle , The Frame is 7 1/2 Inch by 3 1/2 Inch in Size , The Full Drier has been Nickle Silver Plated , The Drier is in Good Used Condition with Loss of Nickle Plating at Bits. Priced at 95.00Here we have an Early Hardy Line Drier , This is the 1897 Model , This is a Table Clamp Model , Green Metal Frame with Brass Clamp , The Top of the Clamp is Shaped to Hold the Reel Foot , The 4 Arms are Brass , Each numbered to match up with Numbered Brass Centre , Brass Winding Arm with Black Ebonite Handle , The Frame is 6 Inch by 4 Inch in Size , Someone has had there Name Stamped on 1 Side of the Green Frame , Winding Arm Stamped with Hardy Bros , Makers , Alnwick , 1 Brass Arm has Been Repaired (Pinned/Soldered) a Long Time Ago , The Drier is in Very Good Used Condition for Being Over 100 Years Old. Almost a year ago exactly, the New York papers ran a series of stories about Diane and Norman being seen out together, and looking very, very friendly.Sources said they were flat-out making out and she was, like, grinding on him in a bar or something.

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