Jane macdonald dating

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Shortly after accepting the position, at the age of 35, Mc Donald was contacted by Chris Terrill of the BBC, who asked her to be the star of his docusoap, The Cruise.The Cruise was regularly watched by 14 million viewers, and after years of hard work, she became a celebrity overnight.After enjoying a short swim, the couple headed back to their sun beds where Jane was spotted applying sun tan lotion to Walter's chest before using it on herself.Jane then added a pair of stylish designer sunglasses to her look before laying down to catch some rays.It keeps it all incredibly human and likeable amidst all the show-stopping belts and roof-raising rises.As mentioned, the diversity and variety of numbers on show is equally impressive.

To guide her she kept a copy of Florence Nightingale's Notes on Nursing on her desk.

At one point, Mc Donald returns to the stage clad in an ornate black ball-gown to the chimes of Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s score, bathed in sombre lighting, and the whole thing looks (and sounds) a million dollars.

Confident and in command of what is a surprisingly robust and technically impressive production - what really glues it all together amongst the eclectic set list is Mc Donald’s heart and personality.

The former Loose Women star and musician Eddie met in 1980 and dated for six months before splitting up and moving on with their lives, but reconciled in 2008 and look happier than ever.

Mc Donald toured many clubs in northern England, with her father acting as her roadie.

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