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ABERDEEN, FROM THE REIGN OF KING WILLIAM THE LION, TO THE END OF THE TEAR 1818; WITH AN ACCOUNT OP THE CITY, CATHEDRAL, AND UNIVEESITY OF OXJO AEEEJDEEM vol.. Lyall, Comptroller of the Customs, for the handsome manner in which he commmiicated to me all the information I could desire relating to the trade and navigation of the place. i.'.i: nity ; but he did not exercise it with moderation. — The Queen received two tons of wine ; with wax and spiceries, to tlie value of 20 nierks. 1557 The Magistrates purchased the following pieces of artillery for the defence of the town :— Two ringed dogs, two great yeatlings, the great falcon of the Laird of Drum, an English half slung, five cut-throats, for the sum of L.l OO ; six half shuigs, with twelve chambers, at L.120; foiu" half ilungs, and one keel piece, having two chambers. It is not, however, our province to become a controvertist on either side. Quo die Willielmus de Camera pater, cum consensu et assensu totius commun! s dicti burgi, electus est in ofii- cium Aldermanni, Et Robcrtus filius Davidis, Simon de Benyn, Johannes Scherar, ac Magister Willielmus Dicson, electi sunt in officium Ballivorum. , Johannes filius Bricii, Walterus Rede, et Simon de Camera, electi sunt in officium Serjandorum. This mode of management enabled the magis- trates to support the dignity of the town ; to gratify their sovereigns in the way of presents, on their frequent visits ; and to answer other objects, connected with their administration. The Cordwainers seem to have been of longer standing. The members of the corporations, influenced, per- liaps, by these principles, conceived that their privileges embraced more extensive powers in the political constitution of the borough than * Council Register, vol. Tliomas own sister's son, and has married his daughter, against whom also the community lias actions of pitrprision, for usurping of an great part and quantity of the common lands of the said burgh ; and, therefore, Iw ANNALS OF ADKRDEEN. 1 5 6 15 6 1 3 4 1 5 6 1 5 6 18 4 Kye 13 4 10 13 4 16 8 12 9 8 10 N. Fractions under pence have been purposelij omitted. was married to the Elector Palatine, af- terwards King of Bohemia; and the Princess Sophia was the only surviving child of that marriage. While these things were transacting, the magistrates of Aber- deen, who were zealous supporters of the established government, having early intelligence of the designs of the Earl of Mar, adopted measures of precaution for the safety of the town, lest an attack upon it should be attempted by the insurgents. Such was the situation of affairs, when the pretender arrived at Peterhead, from France, on 22d December, accompanied by a re- tinue of six gentlemen. The Duke of Argyle, who pursued with the royal army, was un- 1716. On the 19th August, 1710, David Bruce, son to Eobert Bruce, goldsmith in Edinburgh, and six other young men, students at the college of St. S^ David Dahymple of Hailes, Barr^ His Majesty's Advocate ; The Right Hon. of Ormistoun, Lord Justice Clerk; and S^ James Steuart of Goodtrees, Barr^, His Majesty's Sollicitor in North Britain ; dated in Edinburgh, the 20th of February last, and directed to the Right Hon. "While in this lamentable situation, the wind shifted to the east, and a brisk gale drove them vipon the rocky coast about four miles to the south of Aberdeen, near a place called Hernheugh.

I have also to offer my best acknowledgments to Collector Campbell, for favouring me with information respecting the Excise ; and to Mr. He acquired the complete ascendant over the cornmu- ad. % The Regent's propine consisted of three tons of wine, and two lasts of beer, with spiceries. 1 GO.'] § Slie received wine, spice, and was, to the value of 263 merks, about L. 15461 154q f ^^^ pestilence raged in the towni during these respective years. They heard and decided all con- M troversies all the burgesses, assembled in their head court In order to ascertain this point, which appears to have been the subject of much controversy between the burgesses and their adversaries, at the time, we have been at considerable pains, in the course of our researches, to investigate the records from the earliest period ; but we have been unable to discover any thing ha\-ing a resemblance to a po- pular election, or an election by the suffrages of the burgesses. On certain occasions the leases were bestowed on some individual, as a recompense or gratui- ty for services, either real or supposed, which had been performed to the community. In this year they were enjoined by an act of council to choose their deacons, which order was complied with, by electing two of their number to that office, and reporting them to the magistrates for their approba- tion and sanction. After the period of the reformation, the minds of men, in regard to civil government, were much changed by the doctrines which were daily preached and promulgated ; and the people, animated with more liberal and enlarged sentiments, began to assert their civil rights with a freedom and boldness to which they had formerly been unaccustomed. Thomas, is second, third, fourd de- pendant with the most part of these, against whom the poor community of this town is to mean themselves before your worships, anent the wrongs sustained by the said commons, for reparation of the desert and wasted common good of the bm-gh. Rutherford is in the like condition of the said Mr. — Military riots — Scarcity, 1782 — Borough politics, in 1752, 1783, and 1817 — and various other occurrences. The Earl of INIar, who was, at this time, a powerful chieftain in the north, had continued his attachment to the exiled family of Stuart ; and his influence among his vassals and dependents enabled o o 2 him * The Princess Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James VI. Mar assumed the title of Lieutenant-General of his forces, and made every preparation for the commencement of hostilities. The armies met, and a severe con- flict ensued, in which there was great loss on both sides ; but the battle being indecisive, the rebels retreated to the Roman camp, at Ardoch, a few miles distant, and the Duke's army drew off' towards Dumblane ; both generals having claimed the victory. The re- mains of his army retreated northward, under the command of Gene- ral Gordon of Auchintoul, who had formerly been in tlie Russian service, passed tln-ougli Aberdeen, continued their route through Strathdon and Strathspey, and quietly dispersed among the hills of Badenoch. Immediately after the election, they granted authority to the several corporations of artificers to elect their deacons and other office-bearers, which was accordingly done in the usual manner, f A few years previous to the commencement of those public transactions, there happened, near Aberdeen, the following interest- ing and melancholy occurrence, which requires to be related. — Present, The King's most Ex- cellent Majesty in Councill.— Upon reading this day at the Board a Memoriall from the Right Hon. The unfortunate youths were tossed upon the waves for six days, at the mercy of the winds ; and, although they were every day in sight of land, were unable to gain the shore.

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