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“This project is a real opportunity for all of us to experience what it's like to not only own a horse, but learn about the process from conception to the racetrack, and share it all in real time,” says Duncan Taylor, President of Taylor Made.

“The goal is to increase the amount of fun, joy and inspiration of breeding a horse, without the heaviness and stress of a big investment.” The experience is available to members of “The People's Horse, ” racing's newest club, which was launched by True.

If you competed at last year’s Royal Norfolk Show you will automatically receive this year’s Equine Prize Schedule as soon as it is available in early spring.

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Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre is an award winning business dedicated to delivering top quality programs and experiences for our clients.Ink last year via the crowdsourcing platform Indiegogo. Ink raised nearly ,000 from over 440 backers, making the club the largest in the country.Members will now vote on choosing a mare for the club's foal, attend immersive experiences on the Taylor Made Farm in Kentucky, along with other stable matters, and eventually having a chance to buy shares in the foal.As part of a unique project launching today, Taylor Made is opening up the opportunity for the public to vote on a mare for Chrome, and to follow the thoroughbred family's journey through immersive experiences on the farm, along with other stable matters, and eventually buying shares in the foal. Chrome was an underdog and a fan favorite who achieved greatness and fame from humble origins.The thoroughbred won both the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes in 2014, two-time Horse of the Year honors, and racked up an astounding .7 million in winnings in his career.

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