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Rather than having to tinker around with every program you compile, you can set some global USE flags.Most packages will take note and your system will be made into one harmonious whole of software agreeing with each other about what should be used and what should not.

Gentoo Linux is named after the fast-swimming gentoo penguin.This essay describes a practice for maintaining a Gentoo Linux distribution using GLCU, Subversion, and Trac that is lightweight (doesn’t impose a large burden on the sysadmin staff), effective (although it is lightweight it better documents and makes accessible the state of our systems over the oral history tradition), and cheap (no operating budget dollars were harmed in the creation of this process — only staff time overhead).The first step is to put the system configuration files into a revision control system (RCS).The fix is either switch to start using HAL, evdev, …and stop using xorg.conf, or add this line into , but neither 1.2.44 nor 1.4.3 provide that file, so it will be removed while upgrade.

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