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Telling apart the Sprouse twins is a special talent that some of us just instinctively have while others (admittedly) will forever struggle with – especially in their childhood pics when they wore...Congratulations are in order for Dylan Sprouse and his girlfriend Dayna Frazer, as they've reached a big milestone in their relationship.Even though it's over five years after their Disney Channel franchise has wrapped,... Everyone knows that parents, teachers, and other adult authority figures aren't supposed to pick favorites when it comes to their kids, but actor Phill Lewis just went... Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse spent their weekend taking in one of the coolest fashion shows of the season right from the front row!We so can't believe that the holiday season is right around the corner, but now that tons of brands have started releasing their winter fashion campaigns, we know that the holidays are near! If there's one thing that many celebs agree on, it's that you should never read the comments section of a You Tube video. Well, it's often the place for haters to come out and post really rude... When you're growing up with your siblings, it's often the case that your parents try to dress you all in coordinating – and sometimes even identical! The actors recently attended Tyler, The Creator's MADE LA show...I mean, when the kid from “Two and a Half Men,” Angus T.

(Photo credit: Disney Channel) Can you guess which question Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse get asked most often?

could even come close to comparing to a ditched wedding!

#The Dramais Not Real Click through the gallery below to take a peek inside Debby’s dating timeline to see all the guys she has, quote-unquote, dated in the past!

Disney Channel alum Debby Ryan is trading in the Suite Life for the college life in Melissa Mc Carthy’s upcoming comedy, Life of the Party.

You probably know Ryan as Bailey Pickett, a country soul who left her family’s farm to set sail on the S. Bailey was a universally loved character for her generosity, sweetness, and perfect school attendance.

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