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In one sense the knife was always a W49 as regards the price sheets and markings on the side of the box they came in.

Still with three versions of the knife marked BOWIE while the others are marked W49 it could be considered a difference with little distinction.

Tell me what it says EXACTLY on the tang stamp The W49's are awesome The older ones are carbon steel Some of them are a chromed type steel I think it's called Vanadium The newer ones are stainless steel The bushcrafters like to mod them Usually they cut of the top part of the guard This is just a guide=== (I am not saying it is the same knife although the tang is brass it is not as thick as yours) almost exactly like that, without the rust.

Mine was made in Pakistan and I bought it 15 years ago at a Flea Market in Grand Prairie, TX for .00.

Bowie knives often had an upper guard that bent forward at an angle (an S-guard) intended.

Camillus Cutlery Company purchased Western in 1992. Practically every department of the Cattaraugus factory now had a Platts family member at work and the result would be near inevitable, they decided to start their own cutlery business. More than a few of Platts sales trips were made in the company of another cutlery salesman, brother-in-law Russ Case. The early days of the business would see the company selling knives branded both “Platts” and “Case”, so choosing one family name deemed logical. Debbie Case Platts supervised the office and summer school vacations saw the two young Platts boys working in the factory. Although the business was doing very well and the now teenage Platts sons were becoming increasingly active in the business, the fathers health hinged upon a move to a drier climate.

In February, 2007, Camillus closed as a result of bankruptcy due to competition from companies making cheaper knives in other countries. Also working in the Cattaraugus office was Debbie Case, who lived with her brother, Russ, and their father W. In 1896, Charles Platts was joined by his five sons in forming the C. Platts would sell knives on one side of the town street while Case sold on the other side, each selling knives branded with their own name. Because Russ Case would have sales responsibility while Platts would oversee manufacturing, the name Case was selected. The new company, incorporated in 1904 in Little Valley, would have a similar name except that an “s” would be added to the word “Son”, thereby recognizing Platts family membership as the W. In 1911, he sold his interest in the company to Russ Case and moved his family to Boulder, Colorado.

The Western brand and Camillus brand are now owned by the Acme United Corporation and manufactured in Asia. Platts first employment in this country was the American Knife Company in Reynolds Bridge, Connecticut. Platts & Sons Cutlery Company in nearby Gowanda, New York, which in 1887 moved to new and larger facilities in Eldred, Pennsylvania. Sometime earlier, Russ had begun a jobbing company known as “W. Accompanying Platts and his family to their new home was a determination to continue his lifetime work in the cutlery industry.

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Ive seen a lot of theater knives, but i never saw one made from the Western BX-54 (V-44), until now. Very well constructed and a darn nice sheath to boot! Now, thats only the second BX-54 theater knife I ever have seen.

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