Dating different nationality

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Why limit yourself to dating men from your own backyard, when there’s a whole world full of men out there.

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All of the men I’ve ever dated have been from different cultures.

Whether they were Irish, Italian or Greek, they’ve always been of a different ethnicity or culture than my own.

Suggested by Japanese blogger Madame Riri, these points (plus one of our own that we think is vital) are definitely worth considering if you or someone you know is about to begin an international relationship.

It probably goes without saying that understanding what your partner is saying is vitally important, but when we first meet someone and fall head-over-heels in love, such matters might seem trivial. In relationships where a language barrier exists, it can really add a lot of stress—particularly when one person is always expected to speak in their non-native language.

I don't think I'd have many issues with this - she'd have to able to chat roughly in English, my language skills are not good.Studying a language can be fun and rewarding, but even people who reach a relatively high level of proficiency need a break.You can see how that could lead to resentment for the person bearing the burden of communication.For me, learning the language wasn’t just about something I had to do. I needed a job and personally needed to no longer feel like an outsider looking in.Of course learning German wasn’t the easiest task I’ve ever accomplished.

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