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I got involved with a man about 5 years ago that has two children ages 10 and 14. I told myself as long as I have my own life I would be able to handle it. There is no room for you with a man with kids,even when he tries his hardest to do his best to keep you first, you never will be.The truth is, there is no room for you when it comes to dating a man with children. I googled "marrying a man with kids" and found your post.They’d been together for 10 years, married for two. James and I have our ups and our downs in what could be called “still the honeymoon phase.” And many of them, frankly, have to do with how he used to be married to someone else. There’s some immediate satisfaction of knowing, of course. I’m sorry to say it, but this one’s a real lose/lose. The recently divorced man is, with little exception, the recently traumatized man.

There are a lot of ways that you could react to discovering that he has children, but if he truly is the man of your dreams you should be able to have a relationship with him and with his children.

Two years ago, I met a gentleman I shall henceforth call James, because his name was, well, James. It lasted a full 10 hours (we’d met up for coffee at 3 p.m.

on a Saturday), and we discussed everything from the rudeness inherent to chronic lateness to how we both hate the book KNOW.

True, you will have moments together alone but everything you do will be revolved around his children. You will feel pushed aside, even when he makes every attempt to put you first. I am dating a caring guy with two kids who are 9 and 7.

The children that you will have no emotional attachment to. The kids are wonderful, very well-mannered, easygoing, and they like me a lot. His ex cheated on him, but since he loves his kids so much, they still talk everyday.

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