Da brat dating history

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He actually ended up putting my song with Lil' Mo on the soundtrack. Did you look to any shows, maybe , to get inspiration for your character? Here's What Jussie Smollett's Mom Thinks of 'Empire' What did you learn from working with Taraji P. Oh man, of course, but she’s so busy and she’s got so much stuff going on. She’s just got a whole lot of things happening and so do I.We hit it off really well back then and I hadn’t spoke to him in a very long time, and I just happened to DM him like, “Yo! I don’t even think she’s in the studio working on a new album yet, but hopefully so. Jermaine Dupri is always working with her and so is Johnta Austin and Bryan Cox. We just try to make sure we stay in touch and give each other love and support. I’m gonna drop a song called “You Already Know” on Dec.magazine about her personal and professional lives, giving us our first real glimpse into who Kreayshawn is, where she’s from, and where she’s hoping to go.

It would appear Kreayshawn has no interest in being labeled a lesbian, despite dabbling in lesbianism.

It’s interesting she chose to identify herself with the word “lesbian” and not use bisexual, queer or another phrase.

This could be based on how the question to her was phrased (which wasn’t published with her answer), or it could be that Kreayshawn prefers to be known as sexually free, despite mostly dating — maybe even exclusively dating — women.

Henson in action, and possibly reuniting with Mimi on wax. 1 on Billboard 200 Chart How did you land on Empire? From his first movie that Mariah was in, I was there for the whole thing. I’m grateful that I’ve matured and that I’ve gained that wisdom to be a better person, a better actress, a better musician and a better entertainer overall.

When the show first started, I had DM’d Lee Daniels, because I know him from meeting him through Mariah [Carey] and we hung out at her New York place on top of the roof by the hot tub in the little Moroccan room, just enjoying each other. You should put me on the show and make me one of Cookie’s cellmates or an artist that’s trying to get signed to Empire.” He hit me back in October and said he was just seeing that and he wants me on the show. You'll be taking on the role of Jezzy, an inmate from Cookie’s past. Really anything Lee wanted me to do -- if I had to play a crackhead, I would've done it. Anything they needed me to do, I would have killed it, rehearsed it and did the best I could. Mariah Carey to Join 'Empire' Next Season, According to Lee Daniels Do you think fans will be able to hear you and Mariah reunite on a record soon? We’ve just been so busy because she’s just produced a Christmas movie. She’s in a new relationship, she’s happy, she’s got the kids going.

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