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In this way, it’s a lot like a “choose your own adventure” game that takes place across AIM.

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L2G – (would) Love to go L2K – Like to come l33t – Leet, meaning ‘elite’ L8R – Later L8RG8R – Later, gator LBAY – Laughing back at you LD – Later, dude / Long distance LD – Learning Disability LEMENO – Let me know LERK – Leaving easy reach of keyboard LFG – Looking for group () LGH – Lets get high LH6 – Lets have sex LHSX – Lets have sex LHM – Lord help me LHO – Laughing head off LIC – Like I care LIK – liquor Li L or lil – Little LIMT – Laugh in my tummy LMAO – Laughing my *a* off LMBO – Laughing my butt off LMFAO – Laughing my freaking *a* off LMIRL – Lets meet in real life LMK – Let me know LMNK – Leave my name out LOA – List of acronyms LOL – Laughing out loud LOL – Laugh out loud LOL – Lots of love LOLH – Laughing out loud hysterically LOLO – Lots of love LOLWTF – Laughing out loud (saying) “What the fuck ? SOS – Meaning help SOS – Son of Sam SOT – Short of time SOTMG – Short of time, must go SOWM – Someone with me SPK – Speak () SRSLY – Seriously SPST – Same place, same time SPTO – Spoke to SQ – Square SRY – Sorry SS – So sorry SSDD – Same stuff, different day SSIF – So stupid it’s funny SSINF – So stupid it’s not funny ST&D – Stop texting and drive STFU – Shut the fuck up STR8 – Straight STW – Search the Web SUITM – See you in the morning SUL – See you later SUP – What’s up?

No girl, it's totally not funny to tell your friend you "don't care that they are alive" just because your favorite sports team isn't theirs.

TOTALLY "uncalled for" but WHY did she feel it was ok to give her own opinion??

Like sending You are the epitome of a child when it comes to being told "NO!

" You will 110% not think twice about starting out an all time BRAWL when something doesn't go your way. It's totally not your fault you're just really stressed out and...these cramps have been CAUGHT YA! I do it, you do and I guarantee your friends probably do it to you.

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