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In the event that I say I favor a man with expansive shoulders, fit, more than 6 feet in stature, and so forth., then I’m getting more particular and in this way every time I include a physical element the quantity of accessible men fall in number.

In the event that I say I lean toward extremely dim cocoa skin, then I’m for the most part constraining my decisions men of African source.

Go, say, to South Chicago (actually, don't: you wouldn't last an hour) where the city warehouses unwanted blacks in huge high-rise projects, ugly megaliths erupting from bleak concrete, with their own police stations and terrible schools with dropout rates of seventy-five percent. No academic urge is found in the ghetto, no entrepreneurial vitality, none of the traits that make for success in a techno-industrial society. Hispanics seem to be pulling themselves up the ladder in the long tradition of America's immigrants, Asians do it readily, but the forgotten blacks of the ghetto don't. People don't say it, not often, but they think it: There is nothing we can do.

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and while they're definitely ending the marriage, they're still gonna be living under the same roof. De Monica Santiago-Plummer filed more than a year ago, but it was just finalized last month -- and according to the docs obtained by TMZ ... The "Showgirls" star won't have to pay a dime in child support for their 2 daughters -- ages 13 and 9. De Monica gets their house, but Glenn will stay in it RENT-FREE until next January! Broken windows in abandoned buildings gape at the night, home to crackheads and derelicts.Lean young men gaze at police cars with blank hostile eyes. Have we, as seems to be the case, decided that no solution exists, and therefore we might as well ignore the problem? The enthusiasms of the era of civil rights have waned. My circle of acquaintances, sophisticated in the ways of politics, seldom mention the chasm and, when they do, it is to concede its utter intractability.Every woman admires a man who knows his values and has his priorities right.They especially look toward strength and readiness to allow change and growth.

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