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8s and/or guest riders; (2) The symbol II after a team's name differentiates between a club's National level and higher league side, when more than one team was operated in the same season; (3) With regard to 'Club Honours', riders have been credited with a contribution to a league title-winning side if they rode in 6 or more matches of the team's league programme - and with a cup-winning contribution if they appeared in at least one leg of the final; (4) The Speedway Grand Prix and World Cup statistics will be updated for participating riders after each round of the 2016 series.MASON, David Lee DATE OF BIRTH: 20 December 1976, Crawley, West Sussex.When Maddy became ill, Spencer contacted Roo for help.She gave them a meal and, at Harvey’s suggestion, let them stay in a caravan.For example, the site cannot determine your email name unless you choose to type it.

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In late 2010, he was cast in the lead role of 'Brandon' in Jonathan M.

To find out more about this search facility, how to find out if someone is a disqualified director or how to request details of unfit conduct for cases that are older than 3 months please read Unfit conduct: how to find out if somebody is disqualified or subject to restrictions and why we took the action If you believe this page contains any errors, please email Defendant. [email protected] details of the error that you have found.

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Additional information about the attribution to William Purkey is given further below.

There is no substantive support for ascriptions to Mark Twain or Satchel Paige.

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    Inmates in a windowless cell in the “punishment and transfer” area at Presídio Juiz Antônio Luiz L. Without bunks or mattresses, all 37 inmates in this cell sleep on the floor.